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Gold Club Membership Website
A membership website, available ONLY to registered Gold Club members. You’ll find audio and video training, discussion areas, an ever-increasing number of tools and links, online application resources, and more.

Ron LeGrand’s Lesson Videos
Extending his already sizeable commitment to educating members, Ron is pushing out a new series of lesson videos in a variety of real estate topics, that will be made available to members through the member website, Weekly Report, and via email.

Webinars & Events: Calendar and Mailings
Ron does frequent educational and event coordinated webinars on his own and with leaders throughout the industry. Our single and multi-day training events, held in both the United States and Canada, and often available via live streaming, run the gamut from real estate school to online wealth building.

Open Line Monday Q&A Calls with Ron

The Gold Club Weekly Report
Our Gold Club Weekly Report brings you the latest video report from “Planet Ron,” how-to articles and lesson videos to help you make the most of your training, an “Upcoming Events” calendar, “Ronisms,” motivational quotes, Ron’s Q&A call, contests, cartoons and humor submitted by Gold Club members.

The Mentor Newsletter
Every month you’ll receive a special newsletter by mail (NOT EMAIL) that strives each month to teach, motivate, and always earn a place at the top of your “must-read NOW” pile. A BONUS TRAINING CD: At least 6 CDS per year.

(Digital Real Estate Automated Management Solutions)

  • You will be set up with an email service to send your new properties to your buyers list.
  • Done for You Buyer Website
  • Done for You Seller Website
  • Deal Engine to manage your deals from first contact with seller through the sale of the property
  • Done For You Autoresponders
  • Deal Analyzer
  • Recently Sold Comps near Your Subject House
  • Done for You Single Property Websites
  • Done for You Copy for Website Content
  • Done for You Copy for E-Mail Autoresponders


Additional DREAMS Team Members
Available for additional $100/month for 4 additional DREAMS user accounts. (5 users total)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System


We’ll Call FSBOs For You
We’ll hire, train, monitor and pay a VA to find and call FSBOs for you and deliver daily completed property information sheets with yes or no answers so you can spend your time calling only hot prospects. Just tell us how many you want and our VA will flood your buying machine. This should get you more leads than you can handle, but if you want more, say the word and you’ll only be charged by the minute for overage. Your VA works for you with a dedicated phone line and email address for constant communication. This level will replace a full time employee at a fraction of the cost.

$0.35 per minute
Min 10 Hours/Mo

$0.35 per minute
Min 10 Hours/Mo

Includes 25 Hours/Mo
$0.35 per minute after




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