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Ron LeGrand, Millionaire Maker

Ron LeGrand,
Millionaire Maker

Have you ever thought you'd like to buy or sell houses but didn't know how or where to get the money?


Have you suffered an income reduction at your job or your business or maybe even lost all of it to the recession?


Are you working harder to make a living and looking for a way to replace your income completely in a real business you can build to financial security and be proud of the service you provide to others?


Do you see your kids growing up without you because you just can't make time for them with the ever increasing pressure of making a living?

Are you just sick and tired of being sick and tired and want your life back and peace of mind for a change?


Let Me Help You Find What You

Are Looking For.

My name is Ron LeGrand. About 33 years ago, I was a dead broke auto mechanic with all these issues on top of a recent bankruptcy, no credit and no clue.


Today, my life is completely different because I discovered real estate and spent 33 years building easy-to-follow systems to start from scratch and began getting five-figure checks within 45 days from day one.


I've now taught hundreds of thousands of people, all over North America, how to get rich the same way I did. Buying real estate with no money, no professional help and no credit. And most of these people weren't any smarter or any better situated than I was when I started.

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What's Going On?

I have recently recorded an absolutely amazing CD called "How to Make a Real Estate Fortune." This FREE CD will reveal how you can make a boatload of cold hard cash in today's Real Estate market.

What Will I Learn From Listening To This 60-Minute FREE CD?

  • The most common mistakes for all investors to avoid when buying and selling.

  • How to create a $10,000 paycheck within the first 30 days in business without ever owning a house.

  • The 5 critical steps to success in any business.

  • How I crawled out of a deep dark hole of desperation and built an empire in real estate with no previous experience, lousy credit, no money and a bankruptcy hanging over my head...and how I then went on to devote my life to helping others avoid my situation and how you can make the same climb out I did if you're already in it.

  • Where you should start and how to shortcut the steps to get your first check.

...and many more time-tested millionaire making secrets straight from the nation's leading Quick Turn Real Estate expert and my 33 years of in-the-trenches real world experience.


There is Nothing to Buy and Nothing

is Sold on This CD

By Listening To This CD You'll Open Up A World Of Wealth Building Possibilities

My Book

For a very limited time, until we run out, I'm also giving away my book, "How To Be A Quick Turn Real Estate Entrepreneur," absolutely FREE.


My book reveals little-known secrets on where the big money is in Real Estate Investing and how the average person can get it.


I outline my step-by-step system for generating short-term cash and long-term wealth, and you'll discover the necessary steps to successful transactions as well as which transactions yield the best results with the least amount of work.


It’s not about working hard. It's about working smart. Doing the things that allow you to get wealthy quickly and not doing things that consume your days and swap hours for dollars.


My philosophy is:

“The Less I Do, The More I Make,”


and you'll see how my students prosper by working part time to produce huge checks and how you can buy real estate in your IRA with no money and build a huge, tax-free retirement account in a few months and put your children through college absolutely free. This chapter alone is a life-changing secret banks and security firms don't want you to know.


In this book, there is a form to fill out and send in to receive 5 hot CD's valued at $100 absolutely free. These CD's are special interviews with me on critical aspects of becoming a real estate millionaire quickly and contain little-known secrets of why I'm making so many millionaires.


There's no other book in existence like this one, and I'm giving it to you now if you order immediately, it's FREE!

So Ron...Why Are You Giving Away
This Book and CD for FREE?

Well actually there are several reasons...all good ones. First, because I can, I'm 68 years old, doing okay, had the jets, the boats, the big house, owned a resort in Alaska and all those other things people chase only to discover they mean nothing when they get 'em. How about you just accept this gift because I'm offering it at no cost and quit looking for a catch?


Second, it's my way of prescreening you to see if we're a match to work together in the future. If you like my CD and book and can handle my blunt, tell-it-like-it-is personality and feel I'm the right guy to help you achieve financial independence and make a quantum leap, I know you will contact my office and explore the various ways we can work together.


Yes, there is a financially motivated reason for me to send you this book and CD. Imagine that! But remember, I'm not asking you for a dime, and if you don't like what you get, you'll never spend a dime, but here's something for you to consider...


Ordering My Free Book and CD May Be The Smartest and Most Profitable Business Decision You'll Make in Your Life. Every Quantum Leap Begins with One Small First Step!


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