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  • Foreclosure Fortunes manual and 10 CD's

  • Monthly live Q&A calls

  • An upcoming 90-minute online fast-start training

  • 90 or 180 day coaching
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  • Weekly online newsletter with training videos and more cool stuff

  • Getting to the Next Level course (if I opt in to your Gold Club Free Trial)

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Getting to the Next Level


Subjects discussed in this course...


  • Can everyone achieve a quantum leap success?

  • Don't take advice on getting rich from broke people

  • What's wrong with work

  • Find the right vehicle

  • Money will fix problems not having money creates

  • Pick only low hanging fruit

  • Do you have a plan? Here's mine.

  • Cash flow is king

  • Pay yourself first

  • 18 income streams we do

  • Focus on revenue, not cost control

  • Information won't replace action

  • Be impatient
  • Find good people and get out of their way. Who do you need?

  • Lack of focus and follow up, two deadly killers

  • Wealth comes from relationship

  • Deal only with those who want to deal with you and whack the rest

  • Top-level people can see the finish line before the race begins

  • Always have more than one exit

  • Excuses are for losers

  • It ain't fair - so what?

  • Guilt has no place in success

  • You may have to choose between wealth and your current spouse

  • Litigation is a business tool

  • Your goals are not high enough


All this and more!


Plus 2 Bonus CD's


Bonus CD 1 - Act, Think and Make Money for Entrepreneurs


World-class success coach, Lee Milteer, interviews Dr. Loral Langmire on what it takes to make it to the top and not lose your life to minutia



Bonus CD 2 - Working Smart, Not Hard For Entrepreneurs


Lee Milteer interviews Barbara Hemphill on organizing your life and your office and how to be able to find anything in seconds and eliminate filing cabinets.



This powerful, motivating course will change the way you think about business, life, your self worth and how you can go from the gutter to the penthouse in less than a year if you commit to make it happen